The Horns of Nimon fanvid playlist

The Doctor Who stream on Twitch reached a magical point last night: it was time for The Horns of Nimon, probably* the greatest Doctor Who story ever told. And if there’s one way to gauge the greatness of a Doctor Who story, it’s to take a look at the creativity it’s inspired in the fandom. So, without further ado, a Horns of Nimon fanvid playlist!

How Many Nimons? (Remix) by koloSigma1

A beautiful remix featuring one of Nimon’s many top lines. How many Nimons *have* you seen today?

Nimons: A Celebration by Lizbee

How the dickens is this over ten years old? I remember when Lizbee made this! (Naturally it was greeted in the fandom by the acclaim it deserved.) Anyway, here’s a concise and elegant summary of why Nimons is great made by a wonderful person who truly understands the importance of the story.

Now! That’s What I Call Nimon by DWTODWFA

Aka The Album We All Wish We Could Buy.


It’s FIVE WHOLE MINUTES of Soldeed despairing about his dreams of conquest. I mean, really, how many Doctor Who stories get five minute YouTube vids of one line being repeated over and over again? If that isn’t an indication of awesomeness, I don’t know what is.

The Nimon, the Witch and the Wardrobe by smallerpictures

It’s Lord Soldeed vs The White Witch (who people my age will be proper terrified of as this is the version of Narnia we grew up with and, omg, she was overacting?? Are you sure? This was scary as hell when you were like four years old.)

Total Eclipse of the Nimon by koloSigma1

A heartbreaking, soulrending tale of Lord Soldeed and his Nimon friends. Reader, I cried. (And maybe watched this three times before I asked myself what I was doing with my life.)



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