River Song Series Seven Cover

A cover for River Song Season 7! Look, there’s a nun! That’s cause of me, I wrote River pretending to be a nun. In a convent. In the 12th century.


There’re more details about the release up that the Big Finish website, including a few words about my story from my brilliant editor, Matt Fitton:

“New writer, Lizbeth Myles has given us a medieval mystery evoking The Name of the Rose, as River dons a habit (again!) and goes undercover in Abbey of Heretics. A convent is plagued by ghostly voices and mysterious deaths, while River is on the trail of a priceless book…”

The Diary of River Song Series Seven is available to preorder now, and will be out in January 2020.


2 thoughts on “River Song Series Seven Cover

  1. That story sounds right up my street! I love adventures set in medieval times. Can’t wait to hear it. And the cover looks fantastic.

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