The Grey Man of the Mountain is out!

Now if you are a BIg Finish fan, you might think “But that release came out months ago.” Which is true. But the sentence is still correct, just horribly untimely. I would like to blame Covid.

Anyway, my one (and only) contribution to the main range of Big Finish Doctor Who came out in December. It was the last Seven and Ace story, and the last solo McCoy story in the range. And while the classic Doctor continue on in boxset form, I’m so honoured and delighted to have had a chance to write for a part of Doctor Who that has meant so much to me for the past twenty years.

A massive thank you to everyone involved in the making of the story, most especially my editor Matt Fitton, who made my words so much better. And I was thrilled to see two Scottish actresses cast in the story! So much love for that.

Here’s the lovely synopsis things that tells you about the story:

Something haunts the peak of Ben MacDui.

Something with heavy footsteps, striking terror in the hearts of those who sense it. With climbers going missing, retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart visits Scotland to investigate.

But when some old friends join his ascent, he worries that they will make things even more dangerous. As the snows blow in, and mists surround them, the Doctor, Ace and the Brigadier will face the Grey Man of the Mountain…

As you, dear reader, are reading something this out-of-date, here are some EXCITING FACTS related to the story:

  • My sister made some ghastly noise at me when I told her I was writing Ace, for Ace is her most favourite of all companions. So I named the character of Kirsty after her.
  • I believe this is the first Doctor Who story to have Scots Gaelic in it.
  • I’ve never been up Ben MacDui, and I think I’d be too scared to now (I *know* the Grey Man’s not real AND YET…). But I’ve to the Cairngorms a fair bit, mostly to go skiing (I have been to the ski centre mentioned), and I very recommend going and seeing how beautiful it all is.
  • The Scottish mountains can be incredibly dangerous, and Ben MacDui is the most dangerous of them all; the plateau at the top of Ben MacDui will reach arctic conditions in winter. (I’m told it’s relatively easy and rather pleasant to go up in summer though.)
  • I tried to find someone who’d actually seen the Grey Man but failed. This saddened me.
  • The plateau is home to Britain’s only herd of reindeer. Which I, foolishly, did not work into the story.

The Grey Man of the Mountain is available to buy on CD or download at the Big Finish website,

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