Three new Doctor Who stories out!

Since I last wrote an update on lovely writing things, I’ve had a whole three audios out from Big Finish featuring various wonderful parts of the Whoniverse. The Outlaws, a First Doctor and Dodo adventure was out in April; Boundaries, a War!Master story was out at the beginning of June, and Peake Season, a whimsical wee tale wee tale with the Fourth Doctor and Mervyn Peake was out just last week.

The Outlaws is the first in a new range of First Doctor adventures, and the first story to feature Stephen Noonan as the Doctor and Lauren Cornelius as Dodo. It’s a bit of a 13th century romp with a Robin Hood pastiche, the Meddling Monk, and a couple of very fine trebuchets. It was the most tremendous fun to write and I’m so grateful to my editor, Mark Wright for giving me the opportunity and for all his work on the script.

In the latest season of The War Master, the eponymous villain is on trial, and I contributed the penultimate story of the set. It’s called Boundaries, and it’s set during the *amazing* story The Sky Man, back in the very first season of the War Master, with the Master realising he’s going to have to save the world. Terribly inconvenient when all you want to do is tend to your vineyard and make delicious wine. Obviously, Derek Jacobi stars in this. He acted words I wrote. I am never going to be over this, and I’ll be forever grateful to Scott Handcock for the chance to write in not only one of my very favourite parts of the Whoniverse, but also for our greatest living actor. (The theme of this post: gratitude to editors for their amazing work.)

As if having one impossible dream fulfilled wasn’t enough, I’ve now done something I so desperately want to tell my eight year old self about; I’ve written for Tom Baker. The Doctor of my childhood, the one responsible for this ridiculous love of the most magical telly show. And I got to write him hanging around with Mervyn Peake. And by hanging around with, I mean that they’re living together in an inescapable city, and drawing newspaper cartoons in order to make a living. And all my gratitude here to John Dorney for making this happen, as well as his most excellent editorial ways.

Phew! It’s so cool to see all the work I’ve been doing the past few years being out in the world. Nerve-racking too! And thank you to everyone who’s listened! I hope I’ve done these beloved characters justice.

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