Capture the Chronovore!

Master! Nemesis Express, the second Big Finish release featuring Eric Roberts’ Master was out last month, and I’m thrilled to have written the second story on the set. And I’m still a little shocked that no-one objected to my first title suggestion, which I almost meant as a joke, but not quite: Capture the Chronovore! (It’s a tiny bit possible that this silly title is one of my proudest achievements in writing Doctor Who.)

The new trilogy is set aboard an epic space train travelling through the Time Vortex. The Master is struggling for survival and being pursued by bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori (playing marvellously by Chase Masterson). In Capture the Chronovore! he’s joined a gathering of hunters having a splendid little get together with drinks and nibbles in a fancy carriage. It’s all jolly fun and games before they go chronovore hunting, and nothing bad could possibly happen.

I was absolutely thrilled to write for this set, especially as the first Master! Series is one of my favourite Big Finish listens for the last decade or so. I rarely binge on audio; I need to be doing something else at the same time, I can’t just sit back and listen. So if I’ve finished washing the dishes, sorry podcast, you’re getting switched off. But not with Master!. I couldn’t stop listening. It was so much fun, and was doing such cool things with the Master, and Eric Roberts was phenomenal. If you got even a smidgen of joy out of his performance in the TV movie, or you’re curious about how this particular incarnation’s character could be explored, do give that first box set a shot. It’s glorious. And I hope it convinces you to pick up Nemesis Express.

 As always, a massive thanks to my editor, Rob Valentine, for making all the words better.

Master! Nemesis Express is available to buy on CD or download at the Big Finish website.

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