New Ninth Doctor Adventures!

Hidden Depths, a new Ninth Doctor boxset starring Christopher Eccleston came out last month and I was lucky enough to write the first story on the set! It’s available now on the Big Finish website.

In my story, The Seas of Titan, the Doctor arrives on Saturn’s most fascinating moon just as an incredible discovery is about to be made: humanity is not the first species to have set foot on Titan. The Sea Devils got there first.

I’ve always loved the conflict that arises in Doctor Who stories between humans evolving and building thousands of years of civilisations, and the poor ancient reptilians who wake up to find their nice planet has been taken over by apes. And I was really excited to get to explore that in a new arena and take it in a direction that wouldn’t really have been possible in an Earth setting. And getting to write for Eccleston’s Doctor was incredible! What an actor! What a performance! What terror that he was going to read things I wrote and act those words! I got to sit in (remotely) on the recording and it was pretty cool, not going to lie.

My beautiful contributor copies arrived last week, and this morning my even more beautiful vinyl arrived. I’ve already got a small Doctor Who vinyl collection, thanks to finding the stunning artwork on the sixties releases irresistible, but it was quite the thrill to actually see an actual vinyl with my name on it. And I think the cover for my story is going to have to be framed and hung on the wall.

So, onwards into the rest of December, where I’m currently writing something almost seasonally appropriate. Almost. I hope everyone is keeping cosy and enjoying the festive season.

Until next time, farewell!

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Hidden Depths is available now from £19.99.

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