Looking back Big Finish-ly

These days between Christmas and New Year’s always feel a bit weird for me, all tucked away and quiet and leaving a great deal of time to reflect, and then feel vaguely ghastly about how another year is gone, it really *really* isn’t 1998 any more, and what exactly did I do with the last 365 days anyway?

Which is really being very harsh on myself. There were actually many wonderful things about this year, things that mean I’m in the highly unusual position of ending the year feeling rather happy.

And one lovely thing about was seeing so much of the work I’ve been doing over the past few years out in the world. Nine audio dramas! That I wrote! All made by incredibly talented people and released into the world for actual people to actually listen to!

It’s still quite absurd to me that I get to be a part of all these universes, and add to the stories of so many brilliant characters played by so many great actors. I mean, Tom Baker! My beloved childhood Doctor! (Always *the* Doctor to my internal eight year old!) I died a little when I was asked to do that one. The joy of writing banter between the first Doctor and the Monk! (My biggest cuts of all the scripts I’ve written were to that one: so many scenes went on forever because I just wanted them to throw insults at one another endlessly.) Jacobi! Bloody Derek Jacobi! Claudius! Cadfael! Hamlet! Our greatest living actor! Post-Warriors’ Gate Romana! Pre-Time Squad Cally! Eric Roberts just dripping with charisma and presence! Eccleston! By gum, ECCLESTON!! Wtf?? How did that even happen???

Writing that out, it really hits how lucky I’ve been. And how much I’ve learned. And how grateful I am for all my talented, patient script editors.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say this (I’d rather have made an undignified dive under my desk to hide): I’m proud of the stories I’ve had out this year. (Personal growth! Hurrah!) Perhaps one day I might actually be able to listen to one of them. (I *have* managed to listen to several of the trailers this year, which I consider to be a massive leap forwards.)

As ever, I fully intend to blog more in the new year. And, like every other year, I am quite certain this will definitely be the year I don’t fail. I hope there’s something you can find in the past year to look back on with pride; I hope there are beautiful and kind things that await you in the new year.

Wishing you all happy Hogmanay, and a happy New Year. Slàinte mhath!

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