Verity! Episode 105 Chatty Daleks

Good evening, delicious readers! It’s a Wednesday, and that means shiny new Verity!.  This week it’s a chat about the second ever story, The Daleks. And I’m on thanks to it being Kat’s turn to come down with some rotten flu-like thing. We were also recording in early morning time for me, but I’m absolutely sure no-one could possible pick up on that. Ahem. But, yes, here’s Erika excellent post with the show notes (…I can’t help but notice she has decided to use a terrible, terrible nickname for Peter Capaldi throughout, which I’m taking as a personal insult :p:p):

VerityEpisode105We’re back to 60s Who this week with the next installment of season 1. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we talk about all seven parts of “The Daleks”. We chat about how they compare to their modern counterparts, TARDIS team-building, praise for info-text, and the social context of a really rather dark story. Also Lynne has a cold and Liz hates the nickname “P-Cap”.

How do you feel about “The Daleks”? Do you recommend watching it all in one go like Erika did? Do you prefer the Peter Cushing film? Do you agree that Barbara is “made of awesome”? Let us know in the comments!


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Dr. Who and the Daleks
Verity!’s Dalek episode
Lazy Doctor Who covers “The Daleks”

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