Hello, lovely people!

I spent an hour or so of today engaged on a terrible enterprise. Hamilton, that wildly successful musical (I say, just in case you don’t know what the dickens I’m on about), has been mashed up with all sorts of other fandoms in all sorts of ways because Hamilton is kind of amazing (I say, even though I am not omg about it, I now really appreciate how good it is – even just reading the lyrics to the songs I hadn’t heard, they felt ridic alive and vibrant and good stuff like that, *and* it’s made American history sort of, a little bit, interesting to me. I may have to read more). My personal favs were the Hamilton/Star Wars pics that made the rounds on Twitter under #Force4Ham. Anyway, during our last recording of Down and Safe, Amal talked about Doctor Who and Hamiliton and how together they would be HamilWho, and when I heard the comments again while editing, I thought that sounded rather appealing, so my break was spent making these. (I made a Tumblr too.) If this sort of thing makes you yay, you should totally make your own and link me.

Also, you can now hear the Down and Safe crew’s smashing thoughts on Blake’s 7 episode Pressure Point, as we all wave sadly at Gan. For at least ten seconds. Maybe even twelve. (I feel TERRIBLE being mean about Gan, but oh, he was very much Just There. Poor Gan.)

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